If you are planning on shooting off some artillery shells and aerial fireworks for your next celebration, you’ll need to gear up with the right tubes for your display. Come the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve, you don’t want to be ready for a spectacular show of lights in the sky and be caught unprepared. The crowd should be “ahhhing” and “oohing” – not “booing!”  Just to understand the lingo of the industry, “tubes” can refer to aerial fireworks that come already pre-loaded into single or multiple-unit disposable tubes or “tubes” can refer to a reusable vessel that will launch your individually purchased artillery shells.

Many aerial fireworks on the consumer market come already pre-loaded into cardboard tubes, however many serious pyrotechnic enthusiasts often choose to fire off shells that can be loaded into a reusable tube. This is not to say that single shot tubes are not worth your while; actually, there are some very beautiful, unusual effects found in these tubes such as huge chrysanthemum bursts, colorful comets and an array of other designs. There are also single-use multiple tubes that feature a number of tubes that are connected together by a single fuse and contain a single shell in each tube. Both these single and multi tubes that are bought pre-loaded are strictly meant for a one-time lighting. It is not safe to save the cardboard tubes and try to recycle them again with new artillery cartridges.

If you are purchasing firework shells individually that are not already encased within an included tube, you will need a good quality tube to get things fired off properly. Reloadable tubes for artillery shells or mortars are made from a variety of materials including high-quality cardboard, fiberglass or high-density polyethylene. 

When shooting off any of your aerial tubes, whatever type of tube you have, it is imperative to use a long punk to keep yourself an arm’s distance away from the explosives as you light the fuse. You definitely don’t want to go sticking your head or hands over the top tube opening and risk bodily harm. Also, always follow the laws about shooting off fireworks in your specific location. These laws are designed for your own safety as well as the safety of others.

#300 Single Shot Tubes

#300 Single Shot Tubes

These tubes have large assorted bursts and effects. Each tube shoots a ball artillery shell 200-250 ..


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