• Neon Sparklers - Assorted

 Neon Sparklers are totally the sizzle! Unique, colorful and extremely entertaining, you’ll light up any evening with these one-of-a-kind sparklers, the fun just won’t fizzle. These aren’t your old-fashioned sparklers; instead Black Cat Neon Sarklers are 14-inches long and packed with all types of pyrotechnic effects, outrageous effects that you’ve probably never seen in a sparkler before. There are many assortments to choose from, pick a pack or two to electrify your night with neon!

The Color Flame Waterfall Sparkler pack “overflowing” with 5 super-bright, glowing neon hues. One each of Blue, White, Green, Yellow and Red.

1 - Blue Neon Sparkler
1 - White Neon Sparkler
1 - Green Neon Sparkler
1 - Yellow Neon Sparkler
1 - Red Neon Sparkler

The Special Effects Sparkler pack offers three awesome sparkler effects including the Color Changing Sparkler, the Crackling Glitter sparkler and a brilliant Silver Flitter sparkler. You get

2 - Special Silver Flitter Sparklers
1 - Special Color Changing Sparkler
2 - Crackling Glitter Sparklers

The Triple Effect Sparkler pack is super innovative and features two different sparkler styles. The first has color flames racing down the stick while the bright glow of the gold sparkler tries to catch it?  The second sparkler burns one effect from the top and a second effect from the bottom simultaneously – then the effects meet up in the middle for the final effect.

2 - Color flames race while the sparkler chases
2 - Back and fourth burning triple effects

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Neon Sparklers - Assorted

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