Far fetched? Not really.
There are plenty of firework fans of the female persuasion; it’s not just beer-bellied guys driving their trucks down to the local stand to pick up. According to the American Pyrotechnic Association, nearly $1 billion of fireworks were sold last year . . . and we’re sure plenty of those were to women. Some of these ladies are new to the hobby of pyrotechnics, just looking to have a blast in the backyard, while others are seasoned professionals making a living blowing things up!
With so many fireworks sprouting skyward like flowers in a garden, it’ no wonder that women have cultivated a taste for the blooming booms. Fountain fireworks like “Wild Flower” spew colorful sparks up into the air that fan out like a bouquet. Spinners such as “Ground Bloom Spinner” dance around on the floor creating a garden of delight. For a huge overhead effect, any type of aerial firework that bursts into a chrysanthemum or a peony will bring smiles and cheers from girls and guys alike. A funny-named firework you can’t miss is “One Bad Mother In Law,” a tongue-in-cheek nod to that annoying lady who seems to know your spouse so well! It’s a great 500 gram cake that gets in all your business – but never lets you down.
Another popular place where women are incorporating fireworks is at weddings. Of course, some huge to-dos end with an aerial firework show for guests to enjoy – similar to the display at the recent royal wedding. But us common folk and inexpensively enjoy wedding fireworks in a number of ways. One big trend is to have guests hold sparklers up to create an archway for the bride and groom to walk through as they leave the reception. In the wedding photography, sparklers can also be used to “write” out special messages in the air by using a long shutter speed.
Guys, make sure you bring your lady some fireworks home tonight. Put sparklers, firecrackers, and Roman candles it on your honey-do list!