The world’s largest single firework shell is reported to be the Godzilla-waking “Yonshakudama,” created and in Japan. Rising to over 2,700 feet high, this monster firework bursts with a bloom that has a 2,400 foot plus diameter. It is reported to have a 48-inch diameter and weigh 930 pounds. As you can see from the picture, numerous workers have to guide it into the launch tube.
  Apparently the Yonshakudama is made in two different styles, one with the pyrotechnic effect “brocade crown over small flowers” and the other with “floral shell of shells twice blooming.”  Either way, the visual is colorful, creative and larger-than-life. This big boy is launched every September 9th and 10th for the Katakai-Matsuri Festival in Katakai town in the Nigata prefecture Japan as a tribute to the god of the shrine. This high-flying spectacle of sparks can surely be seen in neighboring towns as well.
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