Last night, firecrackers loudly ushered in the Lunar New Year in China and around the world. There is no messing with this centuries-old tradition. Lighting fireworks in honor of this holiday is a custom that folks in this part of the world aren’t willing to give up. For example, residents of Beijing seemingly ignored requests by the government to reduce firework and firecracker use in an effort to not make the area’s notorious pollution any worse than it already is. Based on the noise, the bright colors in the sky and firework wrappers littering the streets, it was obvious that this firework custom is still being enjoyed with a brazen bang. Revelers believe that sending fireworks into the sky during the Lunar New Year will bring good fortune, scare of evil spirits and encourage the god of wealth and prosperity to visit.
Did you know 2013 is the “Year of the Snake”? During the next 12 months, you should focus on attention to detail, focus and discipline. The Western world doesn’t have an affinity for snakes, but in the East the snake is revered for many reasons. In the Chinese Zodiac, the Snake is an enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected symbol. According to ancient Chinese wisdom, having a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means that your family will not starve. Here is a fun way to get some “snakes” into your life, they are snake fireworks!
Snake Chaser:  Just looking at the canister, you know the Snake Chaser is going to be a firework that’s talked about all night long. We hope you don’t have ophidiophobia because if you suffer from the fear of snakes, you’ll be freaked out by this fountain-style firework! When lit, a nest of wild snakes slither up into the night sky and change colors as they escape into the darkness. A crackling finale sent up by the fountain means that they’ve made their getaway and the chase is over. Reptile repulsion or not, this pyrotechnic product is sure to strike a smile.
Glow Worm Black Snake: Our Glow Worm Black Snake always elicits a great response from the user – either an “oooooh” or an “ewwwwwh!” Black snakes, sometimes called glow worms, are small tablets that create a long, snaking tube as the ashes slowly burn from the glowing ember. This firework novelty does make some smoke along with the “snaking” effect, but no actual fire or explosion. The Glow Worm Black Snake is sure to be a creepie but oh-so-cool hit with the kiddos. Six tablets per package.
Sizzling Serpents: Our Sizzling Serpents firework is infused with the power of pyrotechnics from start to finish. This lengthy 500 gram cake is striking with a rainbow array of crackling fish that leave sizzling trails as the snake downwards toward the horizon. The colors, the effects, the sounds – you’ll love it. Black Cat pays tribute to the long history of fireworks from China by gearing up each box of Sizzling Serpents with a free Chinese face mask. A fun choice for every day of the new Lunar calendar!