We love vintage posters, especially vintage fireworks posters. Look at this fabulous find from the 19th century featuring a daytime display of whimsical fireworks floating through the sky. Pain Fireworks was a prominent firework manufacturer and design company based in England that is still operating today.
Pains Fireworks dates back to 1593 when James Pain started his business as a gun powder manufacturer in East London. It is also interesting to note that 12 years later he had the dubious distinction of supplying the one ton of gun powder required by the infamous Guy Fawkes. By the 17th century, Pain learned many pyrotechnic skills from the Firework Masters from Europe who were being commissioned to do large shows for the royal families.
Some of the old fireworks shown in this photo include Japanese-inspired firework items that could be seen during the day. Pains replicated much of the artistry known in Japanese paper crafts and put a whole new spin on them with pyrotechnics. Today you can still find fireworks that will work well in the day. A popular choice for weddings and other special events are parachute lanterns that shoot up into the sky and then gently drift back to the ground.