Now Qatar, the world’s largest per-capital producer of oil and natural gas, has another superlative to add to its list – the largest daytime firework display ever produced. This sovereign Arab state, located in the Middle East, was recently home to a firework spectacle produced by Chinese artist Cai Gue-Qiang, a fellow also known for his work used in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.
The New York based artist spent two months in the country’s capital, Doha, to create a series of explosive performance art.  Using military-grade explosives such as anti-missile decoys, Gue-Qiang created a unique smoke show unlike any other display found at night. The spectacle starts off with white smoke effects billowing up with the spark running along the fuses darting back and forth like a speed race. Then black puffs of smoke are released high into the air in a cluster, resembling a flock of birds, a storm or some other symbolism (not sure what imagery he was going for). Next, even more puffs of smoke burst out in the sky to reveal a literal rainbow shaped display of colors – the grand finale is a huge fiery blast in the sky turning from orange fire, to black smoke, to white smoke.
We’re sure the event was big bucks to produce and was reportedly funded by the Qatar Museum Authority.  If you’d like to get artsy with daytime fireworks, All Spark Fireworks has many affordable daytime fireworks that are a blast – from smoke bombs to rockets and floating lanterns.