February is a great month for skiing, snowboarding . . . . and fireworks! Every year, a not-to-be-missed firework and light extravaganza can be found at the Steamboat Springs’ Winter Carnival. Everyone who has attended in the past say that this four day party is not to be missed; and, it’s not just for the tourists in town – practically all of the town’s population seems to be spectating, skiing through flaming obstacles or participating in some other way. Some of the things you’ll see at this whoo-hoo, yea-haw, winter hoe-down:

  • A marching band on skis.
  • Children on sleds.
  • Mountain men in fur coats.
  • Extreme stunts by expert skiers and snowboarders.
  • A torch parade that lights up the slopes.
  • Snowmen wearing cowboy hats.
  • Fireworks bursting slope side and in the snowy skies.
  • Mugs and mugs of steaming hot coca and hot toddies.

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