This picture might not look like much, but it’s actually a ton of fireworks waiting on a barge out in the middle of a river. With just the mere lighting of a fuse, these fireworks will delight a crowd with a spectacular showcase of colorful overheat bursts. Professional pyrotechnicians will set up their shows in any cleared area, but using the middle of a river or bay provides a very safe spot to shoot off fireworks. This allows the firework operators to keep property and, most importantly, people safe from potentially hazardous debris from falling fireworks.
For example, this photo shows one of one of the two bargess set up in the English Bay for a firework show at Vancouver’s annual ‘Celebration of Light.’ This is a 500 foot barge held down a safe 1,000 feet from shore by six 4-ton anchors. On each barge 1,000 tons of sand is evenly distributed about 8-inches deep to be used as bed to partially bury firework mortars. While it doesn’t look like much on the barge, it is all a painstakingly planned sequence that will thrill the audience later in the evening.
In addition to being a safe way to conduct a large firework show, spectators all agree that watching fireworks shot from a barge is especially beautiful due to the overhead light illuminating off the water. Often you can see the reflection of an entire firework mirrored back onto the water. Safe and spectacular – the perfect combination for fireworks!