Have you ever woken up from a dream that was so vivid and intense that you still remember the details days, weeks, even years later?! Occasionally, people report dreaming about fireworks and question what it all means. There are many researchers who study the meanings of dreams and make applications to how specific dreams fit into a person’s life.  If you’ve ever had a dream about fireworks, read on to discover what your mind is trying to subconsciously tell you!
Dreaming about fireworks usually goes beyond having just watched a big pyrotechnic show and then conjuring up memories of it during that night’s slumber. While this might be the case every once in a while, dreaming about fireworks usually means something very big and important (if not explosive) is about to happen. Fireworks in dreams can be used to symbolize a huge and momentous life event is on the horizon, whether that is meeting the love of your life or getting into a huge fight with a hot-headed family member.   
When you specifically dream about a firecracker, this can represent outbursts of anger that may be misdirected or a release of repressed feelings.  If you dream that you are the one who actually lights the fuse and tosses the firecracker, this may suggest that you are trying to project negativity away from you to get a new lease on life.
If you dream about large, sparkling bursts from aerial fireworks, this indicates that you are looking for a means to express your creativity, talents and enthusiasm and that you have a success coming in the near future. Or, these look-at-me displays of fireworks can also mean that you are making a spectacle of yourself. Whether you dream has good or bad implications, there is no doubt that dreaming about fireworks is anything but calm.