firework pic
Do you remember your dreams? Mine are typically a really weird combination of events that seem so real combined with the really bizarre – they are so hard to make sense of while others are more obvious! For example, I often dream that I’m running late to airport or I’ve gotten lost on a marathon course – pretty sure this has something to do with repressed anxiety.  I’ve also dreamed that I’ve spontaneously “flown” by the power of my own arms and experts say this represents freedom or liberation from past obstacles.
I’ve never had a dream about fireworks, but many people tell me it’s a reoccurring theme in their night thoughts. Apparently dreaming about fireworks indicates that you’re trying to be the center of attention or showing off to others. While this might seem a bit, well, self-absorbed, dreaming about fireworks can have other symbolism including the expression of feelings such as enthusiasm and exhilaration. Whether you are literally or figuratively dreaming about fireworks, you can make these wishes a reality with real life fireworks from Check out our wide selection, ranging from sparklers and novelties to Roman candles and bottle rockets, we have everything you need to turn your dream into a dream-come-true!