Glory be to “tanks,” one of the most fun little firework novelties around. Sure to add a little excitement to any lazy-day afternoon, tank fireworks will draw all your bored buddies up off the couch and out into the driveway for a little battlefield action. Make a game out of having tank wars, take bets on which man will have the winning tank. Just set ‘em up facing each other behind your chalk line on the concrete, light the fuses, and let ‘em rip!
Thanks to flames flying if the back, these tanks will blitz each other with a barrage of sparks. Contrary to what you might think by looking at the picture, these tanks actually roll forward in the direction in which the sparks fly, instead of having the spark flames push from behind. If you want to get wild, set out some plastic army men down on the field (one color for you, one color for the enemy) and see how many are left standing once the tanks get through with their business.
Another firework enthusiast I know has another fun use for these tanks other than friendly battling. He likes to use them for a domino effect by setting the tank near the fuse of another firework such as a rocket which is then fused to another firework such as a fountain. Just light the tank, sit back to watch the firework show! Long after they’ve cooled off, the little kids will still be pushing them around on the floor screaming boom-boom-boom!
At All Sparks Fireworks, we’ve got a nice selection of tanks for your delight. From a tank like the one pictured above that shoots out gold fire out of the guns to a mighty military M-85 Tank that fires silver glitter with whistle jets along, dazzles with green glitter from the turret sides, and finishes off with silver strobe flashes from the main cannon. If you’re looking to liven the day, it will be “mission accomplished” when you roll out the firework tanks!