Instead of the boring bouquet or oh-so-common box of chocolates, treat your Valentine this year to an experience that is sure to get his or her heart pumping – shooting off fireworks! Any fan of pyrotechnic will surely agree that roses are red, violets are blue; and a big box of fireworks says ‘I love you.”
If you want to make a showy display of your affections in the sky, set off the Heartstopper, a massive 500 gram cake that is sure to woo your honey. As big as the law allows, this heart palpitation producer shoots out five sets of four ‘big bore’ shots, that’s 20 shots in total. Some of the effects include silver comets with color head, color breaks, silver coconuts and crackling coconuts.
If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, Sparklers can create quite a romantic mood.  Pick up a few packages in red and silver to create a dazzling display for your dearest. Use them to write out candy heart messages of love in the air such as “Be Mine” or “Kiss Me” and use slow speed photography to capture the sweetness. Or, create a pathway of sparklers outdoors leading up to an intimate picnic for two complete with champagne and a serenade – we’re talking all kinds of fireworks here!