Did you see the Pixar animation “Up,” where a whole house floats away thanks to helium balloons? Well, something like this happened in real life; you’ve probably remember seeing on the news the guy who floated 193 miles with 105 colorful helium balloons tied to a lawn chair.  It’s was the fruition of a man’s childhood dream.  Dreams are something, aren’t they?!
Have you ever imagined doing something similar, yet with fireworks strapped to the kitchen chair? Maybe a dozen rockets taped around the legs and even more on the chair’s ladder back?  Sounds a bit dangerous; actually it sounds a lot dangerous! But this funny firework cartoon with crazy rabbits shows the whole sizzling and scary scenario. With the lighting of a match, the rabbit and his chair are propelled by pyrotechnics toward the moon! Children, this is a cartoon. Don’t try this firework stunt at home, or you may end up in the emergency room. But, at AllSpark Fireworks, we do have a nice arsenal of firework rockets for you to play with (using all safety precautions mind you)!