Do you ever see something and think “I want it, I need it” but just can’t justify the fanciness and frivolity? Whether you are considering ordering that massive piece of cheesecake after dinner or renting a flashy red sports car, today is your day to treat yo’ self and treat yo’ self right! Yup, June 18th is National Splurge Day and, in our books, a completely legitimate reason to cater to your every whim and desire – as long as legal and doesn’t put you into massive debt. Also, may we point out, that it is also Father’s Day . . which validates this unusual holiday further.
For many of us, purchasing fireworks can be a splurge. Not that they are necessarily expensive, although some are, but fireworks are one of those little things that significant others don’t often understand, even going as far as to call a passion for pyrotechnics a waste and money. But on a holiday dedicated to doing what you want and to the fullest degree, we say fireworks are totally in order . . . and in excess! Get all the fireworks – whoohoo!
So, dust off that wish list of fireworks you’ve kept hidden all year, this is the time to stand up, be heard and declare to your brethren, “Let us all unite and shoot fireworks into the night”! It may be hard to narrow down your list of fireworks wants and desires and really, should you? It’s National Splurge Day after all.
I suggest starting with the small must-haves on your list and working your way higher up the firework food chain. Bottle rockets are fun but waiting for the grand finale fireworks creates heart-palpitating anticipation. Peruse items like firecrackers, novelties, and sparklers, load up your cart as you see fit with these entry-level items – the kids will love you because these can be shared under your supervision. Next, treat yourself to some of the bad boy fireworks like 500 gram cakes, huge reloadable shells, fountains and more, don’t be shy – get as many as you can afford, but don’t wait until tomorrow!
And, if you have not broken the bank yet, an eye-popping assortment package just screams splurge day. Why not get an assortment pack for yourself and one for a friend who deserves it – splurging with a friend doubles the fun . . . and fireworks that explode. So, are you convinced? Visit for a selection that will razzle dazzle even an upscale firework aficionado with the finest of taste.