To firework or not to firework, that is the question! Of course, at, we think it ‘tis nobler to shoot off t rockets and shells and share the sparkling fortune of a pyrotechnics show. And, we’re not the only ones who think “classic” when it comes to fireworks – recently the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, England announced that on April 23rd, it will host a memorable fireworks show for the birthday celebration of the “Star of Poets”.
In honor of William Shakespeare’s 450 birthday, an artistic display of fireworks is planned to be launched from the top of the renowned theater after an evening performance of “Henry IV.” Sounds like quite a birthday shindig, wonder what ole Bill would have thought about all of the fuss if he were still around.
While fireworks were in existence 450 years ago, they were nowhere near as elaborate or accessible by the common person as they are today. Care to take any guesses what might have been William Shakespeare’s favorite type of firework? Maybe it was a sparkler that sizzles with sparks of color or a Roman candle that pops off stars of color into the sky.
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