The weather is getting crisper, the kids are talking costumes and grocery store shelves are stocked with loads of candy. Obviously Halloween is on the way and to firework aficionados that means figuring out how to incorporate fireworks safely into the haunted holiday! Smoke balls (or sometimes, more intimidatingly called “smoke bombs”) are a fun little firework item that can be used in several creative ways on Halloween.
Stick one in your Jack-O-Lantern. Place a smoke ball down in the bottom of your carved out pumpkin and light it with a punk. If you want to see the neat smoke effect ooze out its mouth, nose and eyes, quickly place the pumpkin “lid” back on (the part with the stem). Experiment with different colors of smoke, from black or white to a variety of hues, until you create an appropriately eerie ambiance.
Make haunted house special effects. Create that “I’m so afraid to go into the next room” feeling by setting off a smoke bomb. Just imagine how scary it would be to see colored smoke oozing out from under a doorway or out of an urn. Smoke bombs can also decrease the level of visibility for participants which helps to make the monsters and villains in the haunted house seem much scarier (rather than clearly looking like the guy next door dressed up as Freddy).
Trick someone who didn’t “treat” you. If used properly, smoke balls can be a harmless prank that you can play on people during Halloween. However, just make sure that you know the “victim” before you light the smoke bomb and are sure that they don’t mind the fun. Light a smoke ball it in a clear spot on the porch; ring the doorbell and hide in a nearby shrub. A few seconds after they open the door with surprise, reveal yourself and your prank intentions quickly to prevent them from calling 9-1-1.