For the next several weeks, there are going to be hundreds of large public firework displays being set off around the country. Because the Fourth of July falling on a weekday, it should be bookended with two weekends filled with dazzling displays of pyrotechnics. If you are planning to head out and watch one of these shows in your home town, we have some great tips to make the experience even more awesome:
Arrive early. Because most public firework shows are free, they draw big crowds to see the exciting action. Plus, firework spectatorship is just what “everyone” does on July 4th for entertainment. Arriving as early as possible will allow you to choose the best seats in a stadium venue or stake out a nice grassy hill to set up your viewing headquarters.
Pick your neighbors wisely. Before you spread out that blanket, take a look and see who you’re plopping down next to – if they look rowdy and you’re mild mannered, think about moving, and vice-versa.
Bring bug repellant. Since night has fallen, you won’t need sunscreen (unless you get there really, really early), but you will want to bring insect repellent in the form of spray, lotion or wipes. Or, if you are able to stake out a larger spot to place lawn chairs or a picnic blanket, a citronella candle or portable bug zapper will work nicely to protect your entire group from getting bitten by mosquitoes, no-see-ums and the other pesky critters.
Don’t leave early. Unlike leaving a ho-hum sports game in the final minutes to avoid the rush to the parking lot, if you leave a fireworks event early, you’ll miss the grand finale. Instead, plan on staying to see the final breathtaking salute of fireworks lighting up the sky and then hang around to let the crowds clear before heading home – in other words, stay late!