Instagram time, I’ve spent an hour looking through firework photos and these are my favorites of the week.
Love this cool light painting from @battle_burnd, he sure captures the cool things you can do with sparklers or other fireworks along with some slow-exposure photography.
firework battle_burned
Looks like @pearsnisa is having a well-deserved break from a busy week. What’s better than a delicious adult-drink?  Uhhh, a beverage with a sparkler in the top!  Just a safety tip – if you try this at home, do it outside so that you don’t catch a table cloth on fire or burn little pock marks in the floor.
firework in drink
Oooooh, red smoke! Bet @scarf410 and his football buddies had a good time playing around with these smoke bombs and didn’t at all mind draining a few beer cans to use as bases.
red smoke bomb