Katy Perry and Lay Gaga both have another thing in common other than just being pop songstresses. Each possesses the ability to shoot flames from the chest, with a little assistance from the pyrotechnic special effects crew.
The self-proclaimed trendsetter, Lady Gaga, was first to do it in 2009 at the Much Music Awards show in Canada. Wearing a dominatrix-style black studded leotard, Gaga had openings on each part of the bra to accommodate a small firework fountain. As she belted out her song de jour, an eruption of sparks flew from each breast. Whoa!
Putting some symbolism into her chest fireworks, Katy Perry left behind her tawdry cupcake bra ways and shot out fireworks from her chest in her 2010 music video for “Firework.” The video, filmed on a balcony in Budapest, shows people in different circumstances — a cancer patient, a birthing mother, a gay couple. They all have a “spark inside” that they “just gotta ignite” and more forward with life. In the background, a shot of fireworks flying through the air lights up the darkened sky.
We’re not sure just how safe this is to pull off. Even with relatively tame sparklers, the temperature of the inner rod can reach over a thousand degrees and the sparking embers can cause tiny burns on the skin or clothes if not held at arm’s length from the body. With the loads of money these two performers make, we’re sure that they had experienced pyrotechnicians and a safety crew nearby. Don’t try this at home.