Firework fans are going to love “The Whole Shebang,” a romantic comedy that came out in 2001. I’ve been trying to remember the name of this fun little movie for a while, I caught it on a long flight and it kept me quite entertained. The plot follows an Italian-immigrant family, now in New Jersey, that has a pyrotechnic business run by explosive personality and patriarch, Pop Banzinni. Pop has more work than he can handle in his firework making and display business, so his cousin Giovanni (played by Stanley Tucci) comes over from Italy to help out. However, it seems like Giovanni is less interested in business and more focused on the depressing break-up with his girlfriend back home.  Depressing, that is, until he meets a lovely young American lady named Val (played by Bridget Fonda). Although she’s not romantically interested in Giovanni at first, she is pushed to be in his company by her mother (a business competitor of the Banzinni family) so she can find out their secret pyrotechnic recipes.
If you’re looking for some fun entertainment, we always have to suggest shooting off fireworks from AllSpark Fireworks – that’s a no-brainer! But, if that’s not possible or you are looking for something a little quieter, this pop a bowl of popcorn because movie is a great way to spend a couple hours.