baby firework
Baby, you’re a firework! No, I’m not  talking about the Katy Perry song, but instead the pride of a Kuwaiti man on the birth of his first baby. The joyful man and his wife with tried to have a child for 17 years and, after many struggles, their dream recently came true. In honor of the blessing, the new father arranged for a massive display of fireworks in front of the medical facility where the baby was born.  Talk about coming into the work in a blast!
While some locals joined in the celebration by offering well-wishes, others were not so impressed with the unusual birth announcement. Some felt that the peace was disturbed and that patients in the clinic may have been bothered by the loud noises while others felt that the money could have been better spent for charitable purposes.
In any event, the arrival of a child does make a great reason to celebrate with a firework show. It’s a way for families to make lasting memories that they can recall back on when the child has grown into an adult. However, consider where you want the loud display of pyrotechnics to happen – in a busy urban setting, in your own backyard or somewhere more remote. Of course, in the United States you will need to follow the local ordinance for where fireworks may be used. Stock up for your baby firework show with all sorts of supplies from, from simple firecrackers to large airborne displays. You can shop from the comfort and convenience of your own home (always handy when a new baby is around) and products will be delivered straight to door step.