This coming weekend, thousands of London residents are anticipated to head out to enjoy the Thames Festival. This yearly festival, sponsored by Barclaycard, the Mayor of London and Arts Council England, is a staple on the September social calendar and a great way to enjoy the end of summer in the nation’s capital.
Adrian Evans, 2011 festival director, reports: “This year’s weekend is going to be a true spectacular. The Festival brings Londoners together to celebrate the things that make the city great and this year we’ll be bigger than ever”.  If the past serves as an indicator of what’s to come, visitors can expect hundreds of artists, performers, musicians and other installations along the South Bank of the famed Thames River. And, of course, the festival weekend will close on Sunday with a big firework finale. 
Thousands of people are expected to line the banks of this famous river to watch a spectacular firework show, a fitting finish to the vibrant, diverse and culturally rich weekend. In years past, the skies overhead have been filled with large aerial bursts in every conceivable color that rained down in amazing sparkles and twinkles. Many fireworks in the professional pyrotechnic display are shot off in unison with very creative choreography. With one of the river’s bridges as a backdrop, it’s quite a majestic event to see.