Calling all comic book enthusiasts! Fanboys and fangirls can celebrate their favorite characters from the Golden Age, Silver and Bronze age of comic books with fireworks – yes, fireworks!. If you think about it, fireworks and superheroes are perfectly suited to each other – both are faster than a speeding bullet, both can travel higher than a skyscraper, and both have the sheer raw power of a mighty locomotive. Choosing a few fireworks that remind you of your fictional role model will make all your special events jump out of the pulp and into the sky.
 Spiderman: Put your Spidey senses on full alert with our Spider Mania firework. This outstanding arachnoid-inspired item reminds us of Peter Parker pumped up on pyrotechnic power. Be careful you don’t get caught in the web of crackling and colorful effects that this superhero fountain spews out into the night. The bad guys won’t know hit them with this web-slinging sensation.
 Thor: This Norse god will reign over your next firework show. The 10” Thor firework shows the sky who’s boss with this legendary missile style rocket. Jetting off from the ground hundreds of feet into the air, this firework missile will hammer the stars with mythical power. A must have for the mythology buff!
 Green Hornet:  In blackest night, the Green Hornet goes undercover as a criminal to trick the bad guys. But these fireworks are no trick at all! These flying novelties are attached to a green propeller that, when lit, spin off into the air showing off a gold tail, silver sparks and loud reports. A blockbuster!
 The Joker: Every superhero needs a villain to keep him in business. The Joker is one of the most famous of all arch-enemies in the comic world. Recreate his maniacal demeanor with this outrageous canister that spews out 75 seconds of assorted pyrotechnic effects – everything you can imagine!