Even big kids like to play with toys, but maybe taking it up a notch!  Check out this video of college age guys and girls who are having fun with those  nostalgic little plastic army men. Throw in a few dozen firework tanks and the whole play game gets much more exciting! We think the whole MO of this video is eventually getting the heap of army men and tanks to catch on fire!
The video is a little slow to start so you may want to skip to 2:15 on the counter where the tanks are finally lit. With the army men standing guard for the unknown in the center, the novelty firework tanks were set out around the perimeter in force. In addition, buzzing bee fireworks are set in the middle just to create more chaos and make sure the plastic guys get melted to the ground. The kids have quite a stash and pull out even more tanks and buzzing bees for attack rounds two and three!
We have two good suggestions for novelty tanks if you want to try something like this. Our Tank with Cracker is ready to roll, to knock down little green army men while shooting out gold sparks as it rolls around on the ground searching for the next attack. For a finale, an attached firecracker makes this firework novelty end with a loud POP! Another good tank is the M-85 Tank offering a great show of military force, especially once you light the fuse on this clever firework novelty. All guns are ablaze as effects shoot about — silver glitter with a whistle jet gets this army tank moving before shooting a forward stream of gold sparks. A burst of silver and green glitter is shot from each side of the turret before the main cannon produces a shock of silver strobe flashes. A gold spark and whistle burst sends the tank turret in a furious spin before a vertical fire of gold sparks, followed by a volley of crackle end the m-85’S engagement. If your mission is to have a blast, you surely will get it accomplished thanks to this awesome pyrotechnic product.
For bees similar to the ones used in this video, check out our Small Bee, a buzz-worthy little firework that will delight old and young alike. These spinner fireworks are designed to look like a bumble bee and, when lit, buzz around busily spinning from here to there. Sparks are flying while the bee is buzzing – to much fun and perfect for a toy army man attack!