Celebrate summer as it should be celebrated – with lots of fun fireworks. We’ve rounded up six warm-weather inspired fireworks that will take you back to memories of the lake, the amusement park, camping in the wilderness and more. And, you can also save more of those precious summer minutes by shopping online from your home anytime you like. Selections from are shipped straight to your door while you lounge around in the hammock, jump off the dock, lay out by the pool or kick it up in the cabana!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMillion Lightening Bugs This Saturn missile will remind you of catching lightening bugs in a jar in your youth. With a nod to heart-warming nostalgic memories, this fun item launches upward over the horizon with awesome effects. Million Lightening Bugs is a 200-gram cake comprised of 300 shots that twist, turn and crackle in the sky like a swarm of these summer time bugs. For the finale, massive groups of screeching and crackling “bugs” take over the night sky in a swarm. Made by Black Cat and perfect for your backyard firework show this summer.
roller coaster fireworkRoller Coaster Fountain Fasten your seat belt, this fountain is a wild ride! The Roller Coaster Fountain offers a rush of adrenaline thanks to the ups, downs and twisting all-arounds! Spewing out an amusement park like rainbow of candy-colored effects such as strobing flares, crackles, whistles, glitters, chrysanthemums and more. The fun packaging of this pyrotechnic item is made to look just like an old rickety roller coaster you might find on an old-fashioned boardwalk. A real June, July and August sensation by Black Cat.
underwater fury fireworkUnderwater Fury This big fountain unleashes the wrath of the great, deep sea thanks to bright colors are roaring noise. Tropical reds, greens, golds, purples and blues combine in swimming schools of flames and sparks on this amazing fountain firework. Made by Black Cat with care and quality, you are sure to make waves and earn raves with your audience!
shark bit fireworkShark Bite Even if you don’t get in the water, you may still get a Shark Bite! This massive 500-gram cake from Black Cat delivers nearly all the heart-beating frenzy that you’d get if you face a Great White face to face. More fun and frightening, this one is good for your 4th of July party or any summer celebration.
lady bug spinner fireworkLadybug How cute are the three little ladybug spinners?! The kids will love to help with these lower-key red spinners that buzz, hop and skip around on the ground shooting out sparks and noise. Stock up on this cute novelty to use from Memorial Day through Labor Day– ladybugs are good luck!
great america fireworkGreat America  Show off your patriotic side on Independence Day with this 500-gram cake consists of nine shots that are perfect for your 4th of July finale. These mortars decked out in red, white and blue for good ole USA shoot off high in the air in, you guessed it – RED, WHTE & BLUE.