firework spiderweb
One morning last week, I woke up early and took my coffee out to the back porch. Over in the corner of the yard I caught something shimmering and glimmering.  Upon closer investigation, I found out it was a spider web, a magnificently beautiful web that was sparkling with the mornings dew drops. It’s amazing that in just a few overnight hours a productive spider can spin an intricate web with geometric finesse.  The spiders don’t have to take lessons, it is just talent their born with.  In many ways, the spider web reminded me of a silver firework exploding into the sky, only this masterpiece was spider-made, not man made!  It’s no wonder spider and bug themed fireworks are popular!  Here are a few of our favorites at
Spider Mania: Your Spidey senses will be tingling when you catch a glimpse of our Spider Mania firework, an amazing arachnoid-inspired addition to your next pyrotechnic display. Get caught in a web of crackling and colorful effects that this superhero fountain spews out nonstop; your audience will be shrieking and screaming in delight. The whole show of this fountain firework lasts about a full minute and will get everyone in the mood for more.
Million Lightening Bugs: Remember catching lightening bugs in a jar when you were a kid? Well, our Million Lightening Bugs firework is a nod to this nostalgic memory as it blasts up in the sky with spectacular effects. This 200 gram cake features 300 shots that twist, turn and crackle in the sky like a swarm of these summer time insects. For the finale, massive groups of screeching and crackling “bugs” invade the darkness — a really fun addition to your backyard firework show. Made by Black Cat fireworks, a respected name in the pyrotechnic industry.
Bug Zapper: Do you dare to mess with the Bug Zapper? Well, not if you’re a creepy, crawly thing. This fountain style firework will make you feel like the “eradicator” as you shoot off hundreds of red, green, gold and silver bugs flying all around you. Then the crackling and popping begins as they get “zapped.” The whole package of this crowd-pleasing firework looks like a bug zapper you might hang in the backyard. A clever idea, but more importantly – will have you itching to fire it off!