Have you ever seen a sky lantern? If not, you have to check out these beautiful pillows of ambient light that float gently towards the heavens.  Originating in China, these neat firework items are actually quite bigger than they look in the photos – they resemble scaled down hot-air balloons. The fuel source for the fire which heats the lanterns up and makes them float is a piece of cardboard soaked in wax. As soon as you light the lantern, the parachute balloon fills with hot air to create the lift. Slowly, and according to the wind direction, the lantern will fly away into the great beyond, and this gentle flight lasts for about four minutes (depending on lantern) and stops when the fire burns out. Where the sky lanterns end up is often a mystery, they just drop from the sky once the fuel source extinguishes. For the ecologically aware, you’ll be glad to know that these lanterns are completely biodegradable once the fall back to earth.
There are some factors to be mindful of when using sky lanterns.  First, don’t set them off on a moderate to high wind day. Not only will the lanterns be hard to light but the wind will deflate the balloon lantern. With a deflated lantern, it will be difficult to maintain the amount of heat needed for proper lift. Also, don’t tie anything, as tempting as it may be, to the lantern.  While it might seem like a cool idea to tie on an army man or ‘message in a bottle,’ the added weight will diminish the performance of this firework item. Also, check to make sure it is legal to use this type of firework in your area, laws and ordinances regarding fireworks vary at the local level.
Sky lanterns are really becoming popular for many events ranging from weddings and graduations to even funerals. They can be used in the day or night and really make a unique statement in the sky. Get creative; you can use sky lanterns to be the UFOs in your viral videos or to create an otherworldly background for a concert.  Check out the video from the Sky Lantern Festival and then order some today at AllSpark Fireworks!