Okay, it’s been a while since we’ve showed the blowing up of various fruit basket items, but we have an admittedly cool one to show – despite all the safety stupidity. Disclaimer – DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.
The video opens with the “Slo Mo Guys” showing the ineffectiveness of safety glasses being shot with an air pistol at close range – the pellet goes right through the protective plastic – errrr, pretty much making the wearing of such eyewear a moot point. Thank goodness, for the safety of human eyes, the glasses were only being modeled on a watermelon. You’ll notice that the plastic goggle fail has rendered the experimenter without proper eyewear for the rest of his shenanigans, probably something I would NOT have done. Wear your protective goggles at all times, please.
Anyway, in the end, the watermelon is blown up with a “banger,” which I’m guessing was some sort of higher-powered firecracker. Aside from the fact that the guy is sitting WAY to close to the explosion and he’s lucky he didn’t blow out the nearby glass window, the video is pretty cool when you watch how it’s been slowed down into slow motion forward and backward. Looking for your own fireworks? We’ve got plenty at AllSparkFireworks.com.