What do good (and bad) boys and girls want for the holidays? Well, a stocking filled with fireworks if you’re asking us! Deck the halls and make everyone in the family jolly during the Christmas and winter season by ordering enough loot from AllSpark Fireworks to last you well past the New Year. When you order from AllSparkFireworks.com, you’ll enjoy a wide selection of fireworks from little novelties to huge artillery shells. Plus, order any time of the day and night and enjoy the convenience of having your firework items delivered straight to your door – if you’d let us slide down the chimney we would!  Here are some great pyrotechnic presents to put on your list:
Roll of 4,000 Firecrackers: You can never have too many firecrackers and this super-sized roll by World Class will keep you making mischief well into 2012.
The Excalibur: If you’re looking for a firework present that’s going to impress, this bad boy is at the top of the top. A legend in its own right, this pyrotechnic item comes with a deluxe HDPE mortar tube and 24 shells that break 250 feet into the sky, over 200 feet wide. You’ll have the best Christmas “lights” on the block!
Can of Smoke:  Create a foggy effect, maybe for Santa to make his grand entrance or for an Ebineezer Scrooge ghost of Christmas past type recreation. This large canister of smoke effects lasts an impressive three minutes and spews out a hazy curtain of smoke that is sure to please.
Firework Novelties:  The little guys and girls will want to get in on the holiday firework action. Surprise them with pyro novelty fireworks at are perfect for stocking stuffers such as Glow Worms, Speed Racers and packs of sparklers.