beach fireworks
If you are looking for a romantic summer date idea, a secluded beach is the perfect choice. Spend some quality time with your significant other enjoying the gentle breeze of the shore and all the natural beauty it has to offer.  The plans for your romantic date are only limited by your imagination, but we do have some great ideas to get you started.
1)      Plan a meal to share together on the beach. Pack a picnic basket with a bottle of wine and yummy finger foods, perhaps strawberries to feed each other? Or, if you don’t cook and have the budget, you could always arrange for a catered, candlelight dinner. Ohh, la, la!
2)      Plan your date at the beach either at dusk or dawn. In the early evening, the two of you can share in the beauty of an epic sunset and in the early morning you can greet the day with the sunrise.
3)      Bring a large beach blanket and some pillows to make a comfortable nest on the sand. This makes it much more enjoyable to star gaze or watch fireworks burst overhead.
4)      Yes, we said fireworks. You can either plan your romantic beach date to coincide with a scheduled community firework show or bring along fireworks of your own. If watching a public show, avoid the crowds by finding a remote vantage point. If making your own show, stock up on fireworks from Roman candles and fountains are always popular choices for the beach.