Remember when school finally let out and that feeling of unlimited possibilities that lied ahead? The summer was like an empty journal that was just waiting for you to fill it up with exciting stories of adventure. No waking up early, no homework to turn in, no itchy scarves and mittens getting in the way of fun. You can relive your favorite memories of childhood summers with nostalgic fireworks in a variety of clever styles. Here are a few at the top of our list:
Million Lightening Bugs will have you running barefoot through the grass chasing the 300 shots of brilliant light that twist, turn and crackle in the sky like those flashy little bugs that scoot over the lawns at dusk.  This 200-gram cake, made by Black Cat, makes a fun addition to your summer-time show or as a stand-alone firework.
The Roller Coaster Fountain is another memorable firework that will make your heart thump a little faster and your knees buckle with excitement. Buckle up, this 200-gram fountain is a wild ride with candy colored effects such as strobing flares, crackles, whistles, glitters, chrysanthemums and more. It’s like an amusement park attraction for the sky, another thriller from Black Cat fireworks.
Speedway Racers is another firework that will bring back fond memories of sitting out in the fan stands cheering on your favorite driver – or maybe childhood recollections of pushing around matchbox cars and dreaming of winning the championship. These fun little firework novelties move around just like real race cars, speeding forward and backward, sometimes even a spin or two! An audible whistle also adds to the super-cool sensory experience.  Cool racing stripes, awesome wheels and the lucky #8 decorate the outer shell.