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Fireworks are at the top of my list, I love them! No July 4th celebration would be complete without a kaleidoscope of colors skittering across the night sky.  When I was footloose and fancy free, only responsible for myself, my firework selections had only two requirements 1) big and 2) loud. And, the louder the better – let’s let people know the party’s going on!
However, as more and more grown up responsibilities were thrust upon me, like dog ownership and parenthood (and even being a good neighbor), I realized that I had to consider the safety and well-being of other people in my life. For example, sleeping babies. New moms and dads will agree, you emphatically do not want to disturb a sleeping baby. The will likely be startled by the loud pops, screeches and whistles of popular pyrotechnics and wake up crying, resisting any attempts to go back in the crib – this is a real party buster.  Many toddlers and older children are sennsory overloaded by the noise of fireworks as well.
Additionally, many dogs are terrified of booms, bangs and vibrations cause by fireworks. In fact, according to the ASCPA, nearly one-in-five lost pets goes missing after being scared by the sound of fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises. In the case of fireworks, pets don’t understand that the cacophony is all in fun. It’s best to give your dog shelter indoors during firework shows, keep them kenneled outdoors, or use fireworks that don’t make a ton of bone-rattling noise.
“Quiet” and “Silent” fireworks are meet-in-the-middle alternatives that will allow you to still have some firework fun without disturbing noise-sensitive youngsters, pets and even wildlife.  In fact, several towns and venues around the world have been mandating quiet or low-noise displays. While there is still a time and place for traditional noisy fireworks, it’s good to know you can turn the volume down a notch with many other firework options. Here are a few that I like to incorporate into my Independence Day and other summer celebrations:
quiet fountain firework
Quiet Fountain  – From Black Cat, this low-noise fountain sends out spewing sparks in a variety of colors. So spectacular, you won’t even miss the noise!
sky latern quiet fireworkSky Lanterns – Making virtually no noise at all, sky lanterns are like little hot air balloons that float through the sky – completely mesmerizing!
shut up low noise quiet fireworkShut Up – Enjoy 70 seconds of low-noise fun with this fun fountain that whooshes with streams of glitter, colorful sparks and yellow flowers that land on the ground.