pop pop snappers
Looking for a good April Fool’s prank for today?  All you need is an inexpensive box of Pop Pop Snaps (some people call them bang snaps and firework poppers). These fun novelty fireworks remind me of being a kid, because back in the day us youngsters were allowed to play with a little gun powder without adult supervision! Well, actually, these novelties are pretty darn harmless in the scheme of things – but then do still make a pretty good POP!
To implement the April Fool’s prank on your unsuspecting victim, you’ll need to sneak into the bathroom when the person isn’t looking. Lift the toilet seat up and take the Pop Pop Snaps and line them up around the rim of the bowl. Gently lower the seat back down to rest on the little novelty fireworks.
Go back to dinner, playing video games or whatever you were doing with the prankee before you went to set up the stunt. Eventually, the person will have to use the facilities – try not to giggle when they get up and announce their intentions. When person sits down on the seat lid, the Pop Pop snaps will go off creating quite a ruckus – maybe even causing the victim to fall right off the pot!  Now, as you’ve probably figured out, this little prank is going to work much more predictably with “sitters” – those who stand to get the job done will lift the seat to reveal your sneakiness!    Get your snap pops at AllSparkFireworks.com.