There are thousands of firework boards on Pinterest, you can create your own as a way to share firework ideas with the masses or check out other people’s ideas! If you don’t know much about Pinterest, it’s like a virtual scrapbook where you “pin” (eg: upload) pictures of things you like and can organize them on “boards.” The information you upload can just be a photo and description, or it can be embedded with a link back to your blog or a website. Other people can see what you’re pinning and if they like it, they can “repin” onto their own boards – this is what makes pins go viral.
There are firework boards dedicated on firework photography tips and pictures from big firework events to the latest in firework products and firework bloopers. There are even Pinterest boards on firework-themed things, like firework crafts you can make with your kids to firework-inspired recipes. So, what are you waiting for? Order up some fireworks from, take some pictures and get start sharing on this social media scrapbook!