Since my Girl-Centric Pinterest Firework Inspiration post a few days ago, I realized I might be alienating the guys. And, goodness knows, I certainly don’t want to do that!  Although it seems that not nearly as many men use Pinterest to publicly post their dreams, aspirations, bucket lists and whatnots, I did find some good “pins” that I think you men folk will appreciate.
“The Roar of Our Stars”, by artist Alice X. Zhang perfectly captures the excitement felt by the Eleventh Doctor as he stares in wonder at the starry heavens.
september guy firework 1
Roman candle in a beer bottle — need I say more?
september firework pinterest guy beer bottle
Another guy just can’t resist!
september firework pinterest beer bottle more
Show me a guy who who doesn’t like sushi, especially “firework” rolls!
september firework sushi
Pyrotechnic  hats at Burning Man Festival – let your firework freak flag fly!
september firework pinterst burning man hats