I love this photo I found on Flicker of pure sparkler art awesomeness. Poster by a user named ‘Diliz,’ this black and white photograph was taken with a Nikon D90.  As you can see, someone very gifted spatially has waved sparklers around in the dark to create an abstract art looking face – Picasso would be proud!
Really, this is quite easy to do at home, well maybe not easy to get a perfect result, but fun nonetheless in the trying! What you do is get a sparkler (remember, longer ones stay lit longer) and twist, twirl and wave it around into the design of your choice or just randomly. You can even do a sparkler in each hand, which is probably what is going on in Diliz’s picture. Have a friend snap a photo using one of the longest light exposures available on the camera; this captures as much light as possible while you are waving it around. Use a digital camera to give you plenty of opportunity for experiment, just delete and redo if you don’t like. And, remember to have plenty of sparklers on hand! Sparklers come in many lengths, 10-inch to 2-foot, and an array of festive colors — some even change color as they burn down.  Remember to have a bucket of water nearby to put out your sparklers and always do this outdoors in a cleared area.  Even though this photo seems to be shot indoors on a bed (!), it’s really not safe! But we love the picture!