If you want to take your love of fireworks to the next level, mark your calendar now for the annual convention of the Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc. From Saturday, August 10th through Friday, August 16th, 2013, the guild presents a “BOOM & a Blast” in Slippery Rock, PA at the Cooper’s Lake Campground.  In order to attend the actual convention, you must be a card-carrying, dues-paying PGI Member while the general public is invited to purchase tickets for various public firework displays held over the event.
Trust us; the convention fee is well worth the price. Professionals and enthusiasts alike can attend a number of technical seminars and classes that are scheduled throughout the week. Many of the classes include how-to, hands-on activities where the participant builds a shell (or other pyrotechnic element) and then shoot it off as part of the class. These seminars and classes are led by highly experienced professionals and are a great way to learn the additional skills required to become a better pyrotechnician.
In addition to the seminars and hands-on classes, there are a number of other activities of interest to firework hobbyists and pros.  A tradeshow with firework-related stuff like t-shirts, books, tools and more is available for your enjoyment. Additionally, pyro supplies and other components needed for members to build shells and set pieces will be available for purchase as will a number of Class C fireworks for after-class fun. There will be a designated firework shooting zone.
There is something for everyone at the PGI annual convention. Members may submit artwork based around fireworks into an exhibit that will be judged and awarded. The kids are not overlooked either thanks to many scheduled children’s events. In the past years, tying Chem Lume tubes to helium balloons and letting the creations float away at dust was a big hit.
Professionals will enjoy participating in the various judged pyrotechnic competitions that range from aerial shells, ground displays, proximate shows, class C extravaganzas and more. And, of course, the general public will “ooh and ahh” at the night sky as it is lit up by the competitions and additional firework displays.