disney paris new years eve
Put a little “ooh la la” into your New Year’s Eve with the firework show at Disneyland Paris. Everyone knows that Disney puts on show-stopping firework displays at all of their locations and the French outlet of “the happiest place on Earth” is no exception.
When the clocks strike midnight, the coaches certainly don’t turn into pumpkins, mias no! Instead a spectacular display of pyrotechnics is launched of the Sleeping Beauty Caste to cap off an unforgettable day and ring in a shiny new year.  It’s enchanting, “swonderful,” magical and sure to make a memory that you and your children will soon not forget.
So how does one say “firework” in French? It’s feu d’artifice and if you’d like to use it in a sentence, “Ils ont mis des feux d’artifice avec un bang grande,” means “They set off fireworks with a great bang!”
I’ve never been to Disneyland Paris, but someday I hope to experience the fireworks and fun firsthand. In the meantime, I’m keeping myself busy on New Year’s Eve with lots of loot from AllSparkFireworks.com.  They’ve got everything from firecrackers and fountains to bottle rockets and big aerial shells; plus after you order online, everything is shipped directly to your doorstep – just like that!