They’re spooky and they’re scary, delightful and daring! Fireworks are a must-have for any Halloween celebration, whether out in the backyard or shooting them off in a graveyard under the full moon. Whatever shenanigans you’ve got planned for October 31st, the following firework suggestions are sure to make it a howling success!
Grave Digger  – Defy death and live life to the fullest with the firework, a powerful pyrotechnic that pushes you to the brink – and then lets you come back better than ever. Spectacular for a grand finale or as the main attraction, this maximum load 500 gram cake features a whopping 30 shots that fire off nonstop making ears ring and eyes widen in happy horror. Loads of action with a ton of colors and effects found in this life and perhaps the next. World Class Fireworks makes this impressive firework that puts the final nail in your pyrotechnic display.
Wake the Dead – You’ll be rattling more than bones when you set off our Wake the Dead firework. All souls will come alive at the sight and sound of 13 Black Cat® booms that put a jolt in the sky with the pure pulse of pyrotechnic power. You’ll bear witness over many spooktacular effects in sound and sights that will live up to zombie lore. This 350 gram cake is made by Black Cat with 13-shots and we think this pyrotechnic item is lucky regardless of superstition.
Wicked  – Naughty, depraved, sinful and just plain bad . . . in a good way, you’re going to love the wicked attitude of this 200 gram cake. This unique repeating firework has something special in store for you on Halloween or any night of the year. Feel the hairs on the back of your neck tingle as Wicked ignites its red, gold, and green bursts above your ghoulish gala.