More firework records to report! Not for the longest pyrotechnic show or the largest diameter burst, but for two other benchmarks related to the category of firecrackers – the most lit on one “megastring” and the most lit in one “vertical string.” So, watch the video and treat your eyes and ears to a double doosey display of firecracker awesomeness.
These firecracker records were achieved at the 2006 Fireworks Convention in Appleton, Wisconsin near the beginning of August. This annual meeting of the Pyrotechnics Guild International is always a blast, promoting the design and safe display of the finest quality pyrotechnics. As part of the event, firework enthusiasts strung up lots of firecrackers in vertical and horizontal strings to set off at once. And, when we say “lots,” we mean like 10,500,000! So, you can see (and hear) that this isn’t your normal firecracker experience!
World records achieved – check! A wall of thick smoke – check! A bonfire-like display lasting 3 minutes – check! So, now if you are considering breaking the world record, all you need are 10,500,001 firecrackers! Check out All Spark Fireworks to start stocking up your arsenal; we’ve got Black Cat firecrackers, Thunder Bomb firecrackers and all the other top names in the biz. You can start out small with a few penny packs and half-bricks or move all they way up to the consumer market big daddy, the 16,000 firecracker celebration roll. Check out All Spark Fireworks for all your firecracker and firework needs.