If you are still thinking of ideas to stuff the stockings this holiday season, novelty fireworks are an unexpected yet oh-so-fun choice. Just imagine the look of excitement as your pint-sized pyrotechnicians run down the stairs on Christmas morning to find the loot that Santa left. Hands down, novelty fireworks are so much cooler than some of those traditional stocking stuffers like a pair of socks or piece of fruit! Here are a few fun choices that are good for the kids (with your supervision, of course):
Party Poppers:  You can deck the halls with flying confetti with these little novelty fireworks. Party poppers are the go-to choice for all types of celebrations, including Christmas, and delight the user and those nearby with a special surprise – when you pull the string, the plastic vessel bursts open and shoots out flying confetti that unfurls into long, skinny streamers in a variety of colors.
Super Snaps:  One look at the box of Super Snaps and you’ll start feeling nostalgic for your own childhood – a great little gift to give if you want to feel like a kid again.  These long-time favorites totally get the fun started; just throw this trick noisemaker on the ground to hear its signature ‘pop!’  So much fun for boys and girls!
Sparklers:  These party pleasers are perfect for the Christmas stockings. Slip in a box of red, green or assorted sparkles and watch the holiday night light up. The kids will have fun waving these long sticks around, which are actually small fountains of fireworks; get fancy and “write” Merry Christmas in the air. Also, you might want to get extra for New Year’s Eve. Parents, please watch over your kids while they’re playing with sparklers.