In the summer time, seems like you can find a firework show on every shore, stadium and street corner. But, when school is back in session and the weather cools, it seems that the only firework show on the horizon is not until New Year’s Eve. That is, unless you live in or around Niagara Falls in Ottawa, Canada where the Niagara Parks Commission hosts Canada’s longest running fireworks series that last until October – Niagara Falls Fireworks.  This year the last event ends October 5th to coincide with the Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day weekends.
These spectacular firework displays take place in front of an unforgettable backdrop, the majestic beauty of Horseshoe Falls set in Queen Victoria Park. Spectators enjoy the free show from exclusive vantage points and experience the magnificence Niagara Falls like never thought possible.
It can get quite chilly in September and October, so remember to bring appropriate coats, scarves and other outerwear. Also, we would suggest a thermos of hot chocolate, blankets, a picnic and a camera to capture the spectacular show. If you’re nowhere near Canada, order your favorite supplies from AllSpark Fireworks and put on your own extravaganza.