green fireworks
I wasn’t born Irish, but that’s not stopping me from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a bit Emerald Isle spirit.  Like some people plan for Christmas or even Halloween months in advance, I start thinking of how I’ll get my jig on come March 17th. Of course, there will be drinking – Guinness draught beer and  Irish whiskeys with maybe a spot of tea for recovery.  There will also be eating although Ireland isn’t often renowned for culinary creativity – unless you love boiled potatoes. But having the dishes of Ireland, like corned beef and cabbage, just once a year make them taste especially good — in an absence makes the heart grow fonder kind of way! There will also be slaps on the back, friendly swearing and the drunken singing of beloved old Irish songs. And, for the end o’ the evening, a Big Green Firework Show that pulls out all the bells and whistles . . . and maybe even kazoos. Here are some of my favorite fireworks from for a St. Patrick’s Day pyrotechnic display:
Ripsnorter – This is what Irish guys turn into after a day and night of drinking. Rambunctious and wild, the Rip Snorter is a 500 gram cake that kicks up the chaos with a colorful array of chrysanthemum and dahlia – you’ll be dancing a jig watching this one in the sky.
Can of Smoke – Of course, a can of smoke should be on the menu of mayhem for your St. Patrick’s Day party. Why, you ask? I’ve never seen an Irishman who can’t blow a little smoke screen of BS. Think of it as a tribute to you mates who can spin a really good tale.  This can of smoke lasts a good three minutes, maybe even long enough to outlast the most loquacious in the group.
Pro Fountain – You can’t beat the Pro Fountain for an awesome impression. Nestle amongst the clover and light up this bad boy, it goes on forever and ever with a changing display of sparks that fan up from the base.
Rainbow Warp – Ever wonder what’s on the other side of the rainbow? You may just forget about that pot of gold with this outrageous firework that shoots off a wild assortment of pyrotechnics into the sky. You’ll start waxing poetic after watching this one!