“Backwards” means a lot of things. As an adjective, it means oriented behind or to the rear. As an adverb, backward is used to describe movement away from one’s front – such as, “One step forward, two steps backward.” Tardy, slow, late, behind, reversed and astern are all synonyms for backwards. Usually “backwards” has a slightly negative connotation; no one would want to be called “backwards” in their thinking, dressing or speech. Also, have you ever played a record album backwards; it’s usually to discover some purposefully-planted, evil message. Or, have you ever tried to walk, or talk, or write backwards – it’s hard!  However, watching a video of fireworks in reverse is anything but hard! Check out this mesmerizing video of the New Year’s Eve Fireworks shot off in Melbourne, Australia.  Instead of start to end, it runs from end to start. We think you’ll be enchanted with the beautiful bursts that look equally stunning (if not more so) when played backwards and set to a soothing musical score.