Manhattan Beach in sunny California celebrated its centennial birthday last month with not just one but two impressive firework displays. The state-of-the-art pyrotechnic shows marked the seaside city’s 100th year anniversary and drew large crowds of residents and visitors alike. The two firework events were held on December 9th at the pier and included live music, dancing and a military plane flyover. Early revelers were greeted with a pyrotechnic prelude featuring a traditional display of fireworks with a holiday theme. Later in the night, the main attraction was the high-energy rock-and-roll firework show that fired off hundreds of impressive and colorful effects from eight different locations on the beach. Organizers said they wanted to provide the city a show that would be remembered in the locals’ minds for years to come.
This isn’t by any means the first time Manhattan Beach has held a firework show; Manhattan Beach fireworks have been a regular happening on this popular California beach, especially during the holidays and summer months. However, this year’s pyrotechnic show was considered an extravagant event and illustrates just how far the winter-season pyrotechnic displays have come since they first began in 1989. What was once just a few guys gathering on the beach to shoot off artillery shells and bottle rockets has evolved into an annual holiday tradition. As the famous song so aptly says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!