If you are a fan of the musical group, ABBA, then you certainly would have appreciated the spectacular firework show in Oslo that was choreographed to some of their biggest hits. Set amongst majestic buildings in town, this musical pyro event drew in large crowds who were treated to stunning firework displays, laser light shows and the foot-tapping music of this perennially favorite Swedish pop group.
Since ABBA is the fourth best-selling artist in the history of recorded music, it only seems right that they should be the inspiration for an amazing pyro event designed to make the crowd ooh and ahhh and wave the glow from their cell phones in appreciation. Although the entire show was much longer, you can enjoy eight minutes of this beautiful barrage of sparkles by watching the video. Warning – this will get you in the mood to set off your own fireworks!
The multiple effects in the ABBA show include numerous fountains shooting off simultaneously in overlapping “V” formations and large shells bursting overhead. Much of the time, a laser light show is framing the entire pyro display in an illumination of colors. “Take a Chance” and light up your own party with fountains, artillery shells, rockets, sparklers and other fireworks that will make you the pyro “Dancing Queen” or king of the neighborhood. At All Spark Fireworks, you can have many of these consumer fireworks shipped straight to your door, anytime of the year, for the ultimate convenience shopping.