Firework displays illumined the skies over Malta in an extended firework event that ended May 2, 2012. The Malta International Fireworks Festival, a popular event organized by a consortium of culture and tourism organizations from this area in the heart of the Mediterranean, added an extra day to the festivities to meet demand. In addition, this year’s 11th annual firework festival was also host to the 13th International Symposium on Fireworks. More than 300 pyrotechnic professionals from around the world, including Italy, Hong Kong and Guatemala diverged in Malta to learn new techniques, share secrets of the trade and show off their new firework products.
Firework factories that competed in the event hailed from the United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, Croatia, Austria and one home team from Malta. In addition to the cutting-edge firework display, the festival also featured cultural foods, sweets and delicacies along with traditional decorations. Sixteen companies shot off a display in Mellieħa’s that was very memorable and a ground display along St. Paul’s Bay was designed by 8 companies to display with fireworks the evolving history of fireworks over time, from the traditional Catherine wheels to the more intricate effects created today. On the final day, in Valletta, two Italian companies presented their firework shows in Grand Harbour, followed by a grand finale by Lourdes Fireworks of Qrendi, winners of the MIFF last year.
This year, the big winner of the event was  St. Michael’s Fireworks Factory of Lija. As a result of their 14-minute pyromusical, this company won both the coveted Public Opinion Award and also the Malta International Fireworks Festival 2012 first place title. Now, we know that not everyone can get away to an international firework festival, but you can have your own firework fun with great products from AllSpark Fireworks.