Looking to put together a firework show that is completely intoxicating in beauty and excitement, we have a few great picks for you from AllSparkFireworks.com. While these firework names are inspired by substances a bit naughty, you don’t have to worry about getting woozy from their use!
Moonshine: Sometimes you’ve got to take things into your own hands and our Moonshine is just the secret recipe. This awesome pyrotechnic fountain is a five fountain-spinner combo that burns in an array of colors on the way up and ends with a finale blue flame. Distilled down for your pleasure, this firework by Black Cat lasts for an entire 45 seconds.
Party Keg: Nothing gets a gathering rowdier than a big barrel of beer and our Party Keg firework is a tribute to the wild merry-making. This nifty fountain is shaped to look like a little keg and shoots out white, silver, yellow, and blue sparks from the ground up and finishes with an awesome whistle finale. Made by Black Cat and it lasts a whole minute long!
Totally Jacked: Totally jacked with pyrotechnic compounds to the maximum allowable by law, this 500 gram cake is just itching to be lit! You’ll be lit up with a seemingly never-ending stream of crazy, jacked up flaming balls and crackling bursts that never disappoints. You’ll get the party starting and keep it going for a good long time!
Smoke Gets In Your Eye: Hang out in shady places and smoke is bound to get in your eyes! This unusual firework novelty by Black Cat creates eye-popping smoke balls that billow out colored plumes of smoke. The effects are so unreal, you just might not believe your eyes – green, blue, orange, white, red and yellow smoke fills up the room. Jeepers, creepers, these are some crazy peepers for your party