Here at All Spark Fireworks we are honored to honor and tickled to pay tribute to all the dads out there. Whether you are a first-time father or a more seasoned dad, maybe even with grandkids, you have our upmost respect and ongoing admiration for being a role model to the younger generation. And, on the other side of the coin, if you have a dad or even a father-figure, remember to tell him just how much he means on this special day – Father’s Day!
They say Father’s Day is the fourth largest card-sending holiday in the country with more than 95 million greetings sent out. Not that dear pop doesn’t want to receive a few sappy, sentimental words; but don’t you think he’d like to have your expression of love to come in the form of a fiery blast?! Treat his testosterone, thrill-seeking side to a fresh supply of fireworks to celebrate the big day. Now, don’t just buy fireworks and set them off for dad to watch from some lawn chair far, far away. More than half of the fun of shooting fireworks off is the heart-pounding excitement found in actually putting fire to the fuse and becoming the driving force behind the unfolding chain of explosive events.
At All Spark Fireworks, you’ll find all types of fireworks and pyro gear to make Father’s Day much, much more memorable. From good, old-fashioned firecrackers and bottle rockets to flashy firework fountains and aerial shells, you are sure to find just the right fireworks to accumulate an arsenal of jaw-dropping proportions. So, forget about the mushy cards, generic neck ties and soaps on a rope, get dad the fireworks he has so rightly earned for being one awesome dude!